What we do

The Big Shelf
- Feature Films

Every piece here has made it to screens so large that the lights had to be dimmed. A screen that big deserves a story just as grand. So, we see through the entire process from start to finish. With no limits on genres or scale, we’d like to watch our trends grow into classics.

Couch-time Stories
- Originals for OTT

A new screen comes with a new story. This medium calls for the audience to sink in or hang at the edge of the seat—all at the comfort of their homes. We believe that this category has the power to engage and move while giving the big screens a good run for their money.

Between the Breaks
- Brands and Advertising Films

A brand is a promise, and so, the voice has a story to tell. It doesn’t end with the packaging or the offer. It’s about creating a relatable identity. That led us to believe that when brand and advertising films are crafted correctly, the breaks do not feel as long.

Feature Films 10+
Digital Originals 6+
Content Subtitled 100+
Commercial Ads 15+

Our Works

We let our works to speak for itself rather than say about it.

Our Partners

Here are our latest partners

Our Investors

Most stories begin with a seed and a splash of water. Our story is where it is because of our nurturing investors.

Kal Raman

Kal Raman, currently the Chief Digital Officer at Samsung, has had an interesting journey from Tamil Nadu to Seattle. His perseverance and belief that “Education is Salvation” has driven him to achieve excellence in abundance with successful careers at Walmart, Drugstore, Amazon and Groupon to name a few. He is celebrated for his proficiency in business statistics, his shrewdness as a leader, and his kindling of the entrepreneurial spirit. With humble beginnings at Tata Consulting Engineers, he worked hard and soon became one of the smartest minds in IT.


S Somasegar, currently the Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group, a premier venture capital firm in the US, made his way to Seattle from Tamil Nadu, starting with electronics and communication engineering at Guindy Engineering College and moving up to a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. He has had a steadfast 27-year long run at Microsoft where he stepped in as the Sr. Vice President of the Developer Division, which supports over 6 Mn .NET developers worldwide. His top-notch record includes an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Anna University, and the prestigious Asian American Engineer of the Year Award (2008).

What they both share, apart from being at the top of the tech-game and acting as angel investors, is their deep passion for culture and cinema. Our investors have given us the drive and support to boost our art and make huge strides.

Our Professional Team

One word that unites us - PASSION and here are the passionate team members.

Karthik Subbaraj

Founder & Chief Creative officer

Kaarthekeyen Santhanam

Co-founder & Chief Executive officer, FILMS

Ezhil Arasan Babaraj

Co-founder & Chief Technology officer

Kalyan Shankar

Co-founder & Chief Executive officer, ORIGINALS

Pavan Narendra

Managing Partner, Alive Bench


Chief Operating Officer, Alive Bench

Charukesh Sekar

Creative Director


Creative Producer

Ashok Narayanan

Executive Producer, FILMS


Creative Producer

Madhan Shanmugam

Associate Producer

U Arjun

Executive Producer, ORIGINALS

Raj Kumar

Production Controller


Production Controller


Associate Cinematographer


Executive - Finance

About Us

The smallest unit of life is a story. That’s just our theory. Every little sound, every little frame, every little shadow: it’s a part of one grand piece, made up of a whole string of smaller tales. For every unique tale, there is a storyteller like no other. We chase after them because some of them need to be set free. If a story can’t fly, we build wings to take to the skies. If a story can’t walk, we teach it to run first. If a story can’t breathe, we pump air into its lungs. We live for stories. So, if you have one, you know where to find us.

While nurturing the new and the novel, we set out to experiment and shape every phase: storytelling, talent-scouting, production, distribution, and everything else that there is to make it real.

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